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Major Roadways in and around Des Moines

Central Iowa Roadways and Interstates Provide Nationwide Access

Interstate 35 and Interstate 80 intersect in the Des Moines metropolitan area, providing access to the east and west coasts and to the Canadian and Mexican boarders.  Interstate 35 and Interstate 80 are six-lane facilities through the Des Moines metropolitan area. 

Interstate 235 is a six-lane facility that serves the downtown Des Moines area.

Numerous state and U.S. highways also serve the Des Moines metropolitan area. These highways include U.S. Highways 6, 65, and 69, and Iowa Highways 5, 28, 44, 141, 160, 163 and 415.

The Des Moines metropolitan area is the western terminus of the Heartland Highway Freight Corridor.  The corridor consists of Iowa Highway 163, U.S. Highway 63, and U.S. Highway 34, and stretches from Des Moines to Galesburg, Illinois. This four-lane, divided highway with limited access provides a convenient alternative to the Interstate system for goods movement to and from the southeastern United States.