Port Des Moines :: Central Iowa's Virtual Port

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Port Des Moines located?

A. Port Des Moines is not currently a physical, brick-and-mortar location. Port Des Moines is a virtual inland port where businesses from central Iowa can visit to get information about issues concerning importing, exporting, and freight transportation.

Q. What are the major imports and exports of Iowa?

A. Major imports are chemicals and allied products; rubber and plastics; food and kindred products; stone, clay, and glass products; fabricated metal; and industrial machinery/equipment.

Major exports are food and kindred products, chemicals and allied products, industrial machinery/equipment, and fabricated metal.

Q. What are the typical transportation modes for Iowa imports and exports?

A. Imports can be packaged and handled using large containers, pallets/slipsheets, and cartons; shipped on motor carriers and by air (if single mode), by water and truck or by truck, rail, and water (if intermodal). Exporting transportation modes are typically air express, trucking service to/from ports and airports, freight forwarder services, and surface transportation for small shipments.