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About Port Des Moines

History of Port Des Moines

The concept of an inland port for central Iowa has been studied for nearly a decade, spurred by growing interest in domestic and international trade due to the area’s desirable location along two major interstate highways, multiple railroads, the Des Moines International Airport, and a Foreign Trade Zone. 

In 2001, Iowa State University’s College of Business produced the Port Des Moines Concept report. The report recommended that Port Des Moines be implemented first as a virtual port (or e-port), and if successful, to ultimately integrate the virtual port with physical assets. 

This website is among the first steps to implement the Port Des Moines Concept report’s recommendations, although the Des Moines area continues to explore the development of physical port facilities.  Port Des Moines is also a proud member of the North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition’s North American Inland Ports Network.

Partner Organizations
The Port Des Moines project has important implications for managers and officials in both the private and public sectors. The project is supported by the Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Greater Des Moines MATRIC program, Greater Des Moines Partnership, Iowa Department of Transportation, and Iowa State University among several other business and government organizations.

Mission of Port Des Moines

Port Des Moines’ mission is to facilitate international and domestic commerce, support export and import opportunities, and encourage economic competitiveness and growth by providing users a single virtual location for all services related to trade and transportation.  Links found on this site will direct you to service providers and specialists that can offer assistance.

Port Des Moines offers help to the business community
in Iowa
Port Des Moines is intended to help several users. These include business looking for resources to continue or to begin domestic and/or international trade, business considering the central Iowa area that are interested in the area’s trade and transportation resources, and trade and transportation-related businesses wishing to market their services to prospective clients. 

Port Des Moines and the central Iowa area

Port Des Moines will offer specific information and resources available in the Des Moines, IA, metropolitan area, as well as the greater central Iowa area. While exact boundaries have not been established, central Iowa generally includes Boone, Dallas, Jasper, Madison, Marion, Polk, Story, and Warren Counties.